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Video Making Art Of Awareness

April 23, 2019 Off

Number of mediums of communications are available there are telephones, audio and visuals there are so many other mediums to like feel, sense, smell (although they all come in senses, but communicates a lot of things). Anyways, it is said that you remember what you see (that is the strongest communication), human eye is a…

By Paul Gersten

Learn The Tips And Tricks Of Commercial Photography!

July 13, 2015 Off

Almost all of us are aware of basic photography. But commercial photography has been considered something different from usual photography. The corporate houses call up for the photographers to have a photo shoot conducted on their employees, internal management, internal reports and many other things. It would also include the theme of the commercial advertisement,…

By Paul Gersten

A Look Into Wedding Videography Business

June 29, 2015 Off

Lately, there has been an increase in the amount of people that would like to make use of a videographer for their wedding. Yes, always having a certain amount of demand for any business is always the best thing that could have happened for that particular business. So, undoubtedly, it happens to be a flourishing…

By Paul Gersten

Brand Your Company

May 27, 2015 Off

Branding is a concept that has been increasing in popularity for the past years. In its simplest form it is the process of creating a brand, or a name. This could be for a company, a product or even a place. All this effort is put in as a means of building confidence in a…

By Paul Gersten

Make Your Wedding Special

April 24, 2015 Off

Who is the best man in your wedding; hope you already zeroed in on him. Weddings that are well planned and executed would be cherished by everyone who participates. The typical wedding planner takes care of everything as it unfolds in a chronological order. For those who do not want to shoulder the responsibility of…

By Paul Gersten