Wedding Photography At Its Best

August 24, 2016 Off

Today weddings have become a trendy calibration where all the memories, unique fashion and surprises come all together. Compared to early days current wedding ceremonies are very much exciting and beautiful. It’s a ceremony of two people officially getting together but exceptionally they make sure all the wedding guests are taking part to their big…

By Paul Gersten

Looking For A Professional Aerial Specialist

February 11, 2016 Off

Taking pictures from the sky is the latest trend in imagery, and it’s taking the world by storm. No matter what the rhyme or reason to take pictures, everything really does look better from above. The special piece of equipment that is required with which this is all possible is a remote controlled robot called…

By Paul Gersten

Making The Pregnancy Memorable

October 28, 2015 Off

Mothers enjoy the pregnancy period as it is the time when the new born baby is in the womb and ready to be born. The moment is amazing and people want to store and cherish the time, long after it is gone. It is important to capture photos with high quality cameras that can deliver…

By Paul Gersten