Video Making Art Of Awareness

Video Making Art Of Awareness

April 23, 2019 Off By Paul Gersten

Number of mediums of communications are available there are telephones, audio and visuals there are so many other mediums to like feel, sense, smell (although they all come in senses, but communicates a lot of things). Anyways, it is said that you remember what you see (that is the strongest communication), human eye is a strong receptor, and whatever one sees hardly forgets. This phenomena is quite evident these days, because advertisements to charity everything is done via video communication. Visual messages impacts exactly the way one wants the message to be impact. Due to the increasing trend and introduction of video, visual representations; video production house are earning quite well so much so people are privately running their nice video production houses. Without being too technical we would like to share some common types/causes of video production. It is pertinent to mention that no video is made without motive or reason, in simple words the basic reason behind (almost) every video is to introduce or create awareness:

For education: there was a time when teachers used to write on the whiteboards to elaborate any educational concept to the class, but now things are so different that they have visual representations, they make videos, presentations, clips which also contains audio. This purpose of video production is quite common and usual, now only in schools and colleges but also in organization. There are multimedia learning and other theories of video production which makes it understandable that conveying the message with the help of a visual and audio increases the retention and comprehension of new ideas. 

Promo visuals: there is nothing better than telling the clients and customer about the new product, discounts and promotional campaigns visually, after all seeing is believing; customers will definitely remember what he has seen. That is great don’t you think? That’s what all the marketing and advertising agencies are doing these days, they make video ads just to grab the undivided attention of their customers and target market. Entertainment videos: one of the most important aspect and type of video production, web video production Adelaide has become something else these days (thanks to YouTube). Now one just need a mobile camera, daylight and some content to talk about that’s it! Video production is there, even kids are producing entertaining videos and messages in order to grab the attention of the viewers.

All in all there are so many ways to produce a video (but that’s a bit technical and involves a lot of jargons and camera knowledge) but the reasons behind every video production revolves around the above mentioned reasons. In order to produce a video the most important thing to know is, the reason behind making a video.